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Hello world! I’m a Washingtonian born and bred, have a B.A. in philosophy with a minor in English from Whitman College of same state, but was unable to enter the job market due to an unfortunate series of events related to libel and stalking which spanned more than a decade…

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Perhaps the most distinctive aspect of modern life is its specialization. There are as many hobbies as individuals to pursue them, as many different products as citizens to purchase them, as many job descriptions as employees to practice them, as many working financial models as successful businesses, and as many…

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Johnjoe McFadden, a British biochemist and researcher, suggests in his papers on consciousness theory that EM fields located throughout the brain, which are generated by the electric charges of highly concentrated ion flow, cause phase locking between neurons via some still unknown mechanism of sensitivity that the molecular structures of…

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Atoms, comprised of subatomic particles and their quantized arrangements, have electric charge.

The movement of charged particles produces electromagnetic fields.

The highly charged nature of ionic movement with its voltage differentials in the nervous system and brain gives rise to a strong electromagnetic field.

These charges and strong electromagnetic fields…

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CEMI and Coherence Fields

CEMI (Conscious Electromagnetic Information) theory claims synchronous neuron firing generates strong electromagnetic fields which build up such that even further neurons are activated via an amplifying feedback loop. Upon reaching a sufficiently robust level within relatively large regions of the brain, EM fields can graduate to…

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The fine structure constant is a dimensionless combination of Coulomb’s constant “k”, electric charge “e”, Planck’s constant “h”, and the speed of light “c” in the formula ke²/hc. For any context of units, this constant usually has the same value, approximately 1/137. The maximum quantity of possible paired electron configurations…

Eric Bond

Chapters from the book Standards for Behavioral Commitments: Philosophy of Humanism, and more!

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