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Basic Physics Behind the Field Theory of Consciousness

Interactions of Radiative and Particularate Fields

Atoms, comprised of subatomic particles and their quantized arrangements, have electric charge.

The movement of charged particles produces electromagnetic fields.

The highly charged nature of ionic movement with its voltage differentials in the nervous system and brain gives rise to a strong electromagnetic field.

These charges and strong electromagnetic fields participate in synchronizing neural networks with their photonic (radiative) waves and particles (standing waves).

Radiative waves can superposition as in the visible spectrum, particles can superposition to a limited extent while they are atomically bonded or otherwise entangled, and radiative waves can superposition with particles.

The motion of charged particles in neural networks creates standing wave oscillations (brain waves) coursing through this biochemical matter that take effect on a global scale within the nervous system.

The emergent organization of particles and radiation within this highly charged, electromagnetically robust neuromaterial field is a main facet of perceptual consciousness. Brain wave readings via EEG are a measurable signature of this synthetic electromagnetic substance’s compositional contours.

This synthetic substance contributes toward generating qualitative percepts to the extent that its constituent matter superpositions while entangled in atomic bonds and additional electromagnetic superstructures, amounting to resonances between various combinations of particle and radiative quanta, etc.

Studies have shown that ion channels and synaptic structures are sensitive to EM fields. This is the basic evidence so far in favor of CEMI field theory, which claims fully aware consciousness is associated with mechanisms that generate the brain’s strongest, most concentrated EM field effects, synchronizing neural networks via a process of “phase locking”.

Additional field phenomena resembling quantum coherence in their integrating effects may add a further dimension to qualitative consciousness.

EM complexes such as CEMI fields with their radiative and standing waves, as well as coherence phenomena in general, including all properties of entanglement and superposition, can be subsumed with the term “coherence field”.



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